Iwona Olszowska

Iwona Olszowska is a dancer and choreographer. She also teaches modern dance, body awareness, contact improvisation and improvisation as performance, and is a certified Body Mind Centering teacher. She is Artistic Director of the Experimental Dance Studio in Kraków. Iwona has gained experience in New York dance centres; at Washington, Alabama and Calgary universities; and in workshops hosted by the Silesian Dance Theatre and the Culture Animation Centre. She teaches at Hurtownia Ruchu (Kraków), the Academies of Music in Łódź and Kraków, and the Warsaw Dance Department. She has created dance pieces and choreography for Experimental Dance Studio, Polish Dance Theatre, Teatr Rozmaitości, National Stary Theater and Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków. She has performed in the USA, Canada, Finland, Russia, England, Norway, Israel and Moldova. She dances solo (also in alternative spaces) and performs structural improvisations, including lecture performances and site-specific work. She is the leader of the Dance Zone at the Barakah Theatre in Kraków.

More information: www.hurtowniaruchu.pl, www.bodylab.eu, www.teatrbarakah.com