Kalaripayattu (Southern style)

Kalarippayattu is a martial art from Kerala, South India. Its origins can be traced to at least the 12th century. Rich in ritual, kalarippayattu includes the study of movement sequences, incapacitating locks, close combat techniques and handling wooden and metal weapons (sticks, knives, swords and spears) as well as strengthening, stretching and breathing exercises. The three styles of kalarippayattu, commonly distinguished as Northern, Southern and central differ in movement sequences and weapon combat techniques. Physical training is complemented by a unique healing system closely related to Ayurveda. It includes, among other things, massages that heal the body and make it more flexible, and the knowledge of marmas, the vital points of the human body. Elements of kalarippayattu have for centuries been used in the traditional training of Kerala actors and dancers, e.g. in kathakali.
Regular kalarippayattu practice improves flexibility, agility and body coordination as well as developing strength, stamina and concentration. Most importantly, however, it helps its practitioners to become aware of their potential, improves their capability to control energy as well as developing their spiritual awareness.

Thanks to its multi-faceted character kalarippayattu has something to offer martial artists, yoga practitioners, actors, dancers and anyone seeking a form of exercise that involves conscious work with body and soul and enables physical expression of their emotions.

In these Southern kalarippayattu training sessions, participants will learn the traditional salutation, basic movement sequences and the skill of stick spinning. The workshop will also include stretching and strengthening exercises.

Trening kalarippajattuTrening kalarippajattuTrening kalarippajattuTrening kalarippajattu